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Customer Testimonials

Hi Dan,

I received your product the Vacuum/X-Polishing bag on Friday late afternoon. I put the bag on at 6:30 PM Friday by Saturday 6:30 PM the pool was crystal clear.
Thanks for producing a great product, should save me hundreds in chemical costs.
Wow, Thanks.
Joe Avena


I had the 12 x 30 and loved it. I plan on having my local news channel come by to get this on the air, everyone needs this AWESOME PRODUCT, and I can’t live with out it. THANK YOU   🙂


I got the slime bag just like you said and all I can say is you are the man…. this should be in every house that has a pool. This year I didn’t even want to mess with our INTEX easy up pool because the pump would never keep it clean enough and it was ALWAYS turning green, and was always cloudy, but now….  WOW  all I need to do now is vac the bottom of the pool and that’s it… SUPER CLEAR…. it looks like it did the first time we filled it up… I cleaned the bag after about 5 hours and I’m shocked that my family was swimming in that nasty water that came out of the bag. I’m so happy that I got this and you have been nothing but 100% help from the first day I talked to you, I will for sure being going to the pool places in my area and showing them this AWESOME SLIME BAG, INTEX needs one in every pool they sell  🙂

Billy Spivey


To Whom It May Concern: I am really pleased with my Slime Bag Polishing bag. I am in the process of using it to get rid of last year’s algae build up. No “miracle” chemicals can touch the Slime Bag’s effectiveness.

Great Product, Bob Cangialosi


I am a highly satisfied customer of the Slime Bag product. I had a problem with water clarity that actually went back to last year. The slime bag did the trick!

I had changed the sand in my filter for the first time (above ground pool) and was not told by my local pool supplier to backwash first BEFORE turning filter back on.
Needless to say I had a nice powdery substance throughout the pool that even when vacuumed still remained. The particles were so small that they were passing right through the filter and back into the pool…very frustrating! Anyway, vacuuming with the Slime Bag over the return did the trick…I actually ran the filter on high (with Slime Bag over return) for 48 hours before vacuuming. Great results!


* Dan was a big help as well…his follow up to my calls was much appreciated


I just had to drain my 20,000 gallon pool to have the main drain replaced. My only option was to refill the pool with our rusty well water. I installed a Slime bag on one of the pool return fittings and could not believe the results. In just 24 hours, the water was clean enough to swim in and in 48 hours the water was crystal clear with a blue tint. Good job Slime Bag!

Mike Short



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