Cleaning the Slime Bag

Below are step by step instructions for cleaning the Slime Bag.

  1. Remove “Slime Bag™” from hose, vacuum or return line when wet. (Do not allow “Slime Bag™” to dry)
  2. Turn “Slime Bag™” upside-down and fill with water from garden hose. Spray “Slime Bag™” from inside-out for 30 seconds to loosen dirt/debris from inside.
  3. Turn “Slime Bag™” over the end of a broom handle (or similar pole).
  4. Take garden hose with sprayer and spray from outside for 1 minute on each side. Dirt will flow downward and out of the “Slime Bag™” opening. The “Slime Bag™” can also be cleaned with a high-pressure washer held 8-10″ away from the surface.
  5. You are now ready to reuse your “Slime Bag™”.
  6. If dirt will not come out after rinsing, it’s time to replace your “Slime Bag™”.

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